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Starting In Right Field… Harry Potter

My wife and I don’t care for baseball.  I’ll admit, we’ve caught the local AAA team in action and stayed for most of the innings.  We’ve even seen a game at the baseball temple that is the original Yankee Stadium.  For us though, it’s not a sport we follow or care watch to any extent.  This apathy is despite the passion some of our closer friends have for baseball.  A passion that we’ve never understood.

Yankee Stadium's Monument ParkAt a recent party, baseball came up and the conversation quickly turned in to evangelization as to why it is such a great sport.  The subtle strategy… the skill of the players… the exciting atmosphere of a close game… “You like football and hockey, I don’t understand why don’t you like baseball?!?”  They’re points we’ve heard before, but they just don’t collectively resonate with us to the point that we care.

In contrast, an obsession my wife and oldest daughter share is for Harry Potter.  They’ve taken in the books and movies numerous times, and debated the minutiae that J. K. Rowling weaved in to her stories.  When discussing the series with muggles who haven’t read the series, or have “just seen the movies”, they become very spirited and passionate.  The subtle depth of the story lines… the talent in the writing… the wondrous atmosphere that his Hogwarts…  “You like (insert any book), I don’t understand why you don’t like Harry Potter?!?”

Personally, I lump Harry Potter with baseball.  He’s just not my style.  The disparate passions they kindle though make me smile, and show that one person’s passion is another’s “eh, that’s nice”.

Now if Harry Potter traded quidditch for baseball… then maybe that would change things.

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