Through the good, the bad, and the interesting,avatar - 1 - Copy the experiences of life as a husband and father are awesome. They have such challenges… twists… surprises. One can take the brute force approach on life, charge right through and get by; or, you can slow down and reflect on the experiences. Do this, and you make life’s journey all the more insightful and enjoyable.

Cheers! – Shaun

Some quick personal shots…

… Three sons and two daughters. (Yup, count ‘em. Five.) They run the gamut from toddler to high school.

… My wife is a wonderful stay at home mom, whose life dream has been to raise kids.

… I love camping, RV trips, and hanging out with the family when I’m not working as an engineer.

… Sports are great, especially college and pro football.

… Our school age kids are all active in Scouting, and my wife and I are both Scout leaders.

… I’m a veteran, having served as an Army helicopter pilot.

… We live on rural acreage in northern California, at a home that my wife and I hope to spend the next 60 years of our lives in. (We promised the kids we’d live to be 100, and we’re sticking to it!)

… Our home is a great place and working around it can be fun, but I don’t think all the projects and yard work can ever possibly get done!

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