Our Alien Brothers on Gliese 581g…. What Would They Say About God?

Last year, NASA discovered Gliese 581g, a planet 20 light years away that could be one of the most “potentially habitable” worlds ever discovered. At a distance of over 100 trillion miles, it is certainly well outside our lifetimes to make contact with it. However, it’s still amazing to think about we could learn from any “Gliese 581g-ians” living on this alien world.

One of the first things I’d like to know would be what their feelings are about God. They could be advanced technologically, use three arms, or have green skin, but their views on religion would still form a fundamental piece of their culture. It’s been that way on Earth for thousands of years. Regardless of one’s beliefs, Jesus and Mohammed are undoubtedly two of the most influential people who ever shared our planet.

Has God reached out to them? Are there other manifestations of a god that guide their lives? Have they fought wars exclusively over religion as people have on Earth? Considering the diversity of religions that have evolved amongst cultures on Earth, it’s hard to imagine our intergalactic brothers without religion in some form.

Peace be with you, Gliese 581g-ians.

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